Hi there! I'm Veronica Adams.

First time blogger, a mother and a redhead with a passion for cooking that exists since before I could even talk (according to my mother!), I want to bring my optimistic approach to life and use my experience in retail to give anyone all the information they need to create the kitchen of their dreams and, who knows, maybe even venture into cooking tips if I ever bring up the courage to share my tales of failure and success behind pots and pans.

For those interested in knowing my story, the most simple way to put it is that sometimes life seems just a bit too ruthless and just a bit too depressive, a troublesome childhood and some bad decisions left me wishing that everything just stopped existing, but that wish vanished completely when I decided to dedicate myself to what I love and who I love, a couple years of hard work, tears and smiles later and here I am, married, mother to a cute little girl and much happier than ever before, a younger me wouldn’t believe if I told her that cooking would be the hobby that made me see myself as a stronger and better person (healthier too, now that I think about it).

I hope that my passion for cooking ultimately brings smiles and change to the lives of readers as it did for me, and, if it doesn’t, that at least it gives a healthy push in the right way.